February is known as the month of love.   It is also Heart Health month. I can’t think of a better to way to keep your heart healthy than to know and receive the Father’s love and then pass it on to others.  He continues to show us His love in so many ways, but He has also given us the task of showing His love to others. 

This month, we will be reaching out to all of you to share with you how we at Crossroads Ministries are reaching out to show His love to those who resides in our communities care centers.  We are His hands, feet and mouth’s to show that Love to these wonderful residents. We are asking you to partner with us as we reach out to bring these precious elderly into the Kingdom.  If you are a partner with us already, we are asking you to pray about increasing your partnership with us. If you are not a monthly partner with us, please pray about how you can get involved.

There are many things happening with the elderly, not only in our nation but around the world. With the Assisted Suicide bills being passed in many states, this will place many of our elderly in jeopardy. We have been speaking out against this issue as well as other issues that affect the elderly.  We need your help to continue to keep this issue in the forefront of our minds.

This month we would like to share some testimonies with you from our partners. This month we are featuring a testimony from Jamie and Andrew Wommack from Andrew Wommack Ministries. They have been a wonderful and faithful partner with us for many years and we appreciate their ministry and their support.


Jamie and Andrew Wommack

Jamie and Andrew Wommack

“The reason I help Crossroads Ministries is because they are reaching the unreached in a profound way. Many traverse the globe reaching out with the gospel and go into the darkest places of our inner cities to share the love of Christ. But our nursing homes are the greatest unreached mission field in the world. I know Marv and Kay Larson personally and I know their hearts. It’s the heart of Jesus and He is reaching out through them in a way that’s making a difference in the lives of thousands of elderly people who are facing the greatest crisis of their lives. It’s a privilege to be a financial part of their ministry and I pray you will join with us”.

Please join with Jamie and Andrew and become a partner today. A donation of $30.00 a month will help us reach additional elderly with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But, please pray and don’t limit the Lord in your giving. He is a faithful God and He depends on us to be His mouth, hands and feet to share His love with those around us.

Thank you and have a very blessed love and heart healthy month!! Donate Here!


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