Crossroads School of Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy School

Chaplains are ordained Christian ministers who are trained professionals specializing in caring for individuals residing in care centers. Chaplains minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of the residents, their families and the staff of the care centers. They help the residents and families more fully understand life’s events as they relate to their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Chaplains are trained pastoral caregivers meeting the highest standards within the field of clinical pastoral care. The chaplain, through professional training and certification, helps meet the most important needs of the care center residents—their spiritual and emotional needs.

A chaplain performs worship services, Sunday school classes, Bible studies, memorial services, funerals and one-on-one ministry with the residents, their family members and care center staff. On average, they lead over five individuals to Christ per week or 260 people a year!

“No segment of our society is as desperately needy for spiritual food as those confined to nursing homes and convalescent centers. I think of them as God’s jewels—His Precious Jewels…. In reality, we are fortunate and blessed that He has entrusted them to us.”
— Herb Haakenson, Sonshine Society

Chaplaincy School Requirements

Our chaplaincy program requires that you already have a strong foundation in Biblical study. This can take the form of two years or more in a recognized Bible college or seminary, or alternatively we can accept recommendations from your pastor and from others familiar with the extent of your Biblical background and training.

Crossroads chaplains must be above reproach in their personal and professional standards of moral and ethical conduct. Our chaplains are committed to ministering with respect, dignity and sensitivity to all persons that are served.


A chaplain is a full member of the healthcare team who provides for the pastoral needs of the care center residents. Crossroads School of Chaplaincy is a great place to learn how to comfort the distressed, give hope to the disheartened and show mercy to the distraught. If God is leading you into chaplaincy, download an application here and get started in ministry to the elderly.

Download the application: Application for Crossroads School of Chaplaincy. Please return your completed application to the address at the bottom of the application form.

If you are uncertain, contact us at for more information including tuition and class start date. The next Chaplaincy class will start on October 3rd, 2021.