Operation Easter Hope

Easter is a time of joy, celebration and hope. As believers in Christ, we know it is hope not only for the here and now, but for eternity in the presence of God. But what does Easter look like for those who have no hope? For those who have been forgotten? For those living in skilled nursing care centers? They probably feel like the disciples did after the death of Christ—lost, forgotten, hopeless. But, we can bring hope and love to the elderly.

At Easter, Crossroads Ministries brings hope and love to the residents through Operation Easter Hope. Volunteers lead special Easter services; including music, a personal visit with each resident and a personal follow up two weeks later to answer any questions and pray with them. Our volunteers and chaplains are able to present the residents with the love and hope of Christ through a letter from Crossroads, a booklet explaining the true meaning of Easter and a few goodies. The message of Easter is clear… It’s hope! Get involved by contacting Tina at tina@crossroadsusa.org